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Practices are usually held from 3:30-5:45 on weekday afternoons (5:00 on Wednesdays) and from 8:00-10:00 Saturday mornings.

During the time that kids are out of school such as the Holidays, Spring Break, and Summer Break we usually offer two-a-day practices in the morning and in the afternoon. Morning practice during the week is from 7:30-10:00.

During practice, swimmers are grouped both by age and ability to ensure they are getting the most out of practice. Swimmers are placed in a group to meet them where they are developmentally, both physically and socially. For example, swimmers new to swimming might not practice as long as other swimmers their age that have been swimming competitively for several years. Below is a tentative list of practice length and the recommended number of practices by age. This is only a guide and is subject to change or modification at the coach's discretion.


Practice Duration

Recommended Practices
per week

6 and under 45 minutes 2
7 and 8 1 hour 2-3
9 and 10 or advanced 8 year-olds 1.5 hours 4
11 and 12 or advanced 10 year-olds 2 hours 5
13 and 14 or advanced 12 year-olds 2 hours + 5
Senior 2 hours + 5-6